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Submersible Pump Supplier from India
Vertical Deepwell Turbine Pump
Ideal for Agriculture, Municipal Water Works, Lift Irrigation Scheme, Industrial & Fire Fighting Services.
  • Irrigation in Agriculture and Horticulture from Deep Tubewell, Openwell, Canal and River Water
  • Lift Irrigation
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Rural and Urban Water Supply
  • Domestic, Public Utility & Industrial Water Supply in High Rise Building, Residence Colony and Overhead Tank
  • Sea Water, Raw and Storm Water Services
  • Fire Fighting Services
  • Mines and Dam Dewatering
  • Special Application for Handling Oil, Petroleum and Treated Liquids.
Turbine Pump Supplier from India
Different Types of Driving Arrangement
Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor Drive : Supplier : India Vertical Solid Shaft Motor Drive, Manufacturer, Supplier V H S Gear Drive Through Diesel Engine Manufacturer from India
Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor Drive Vertical Solid Shaft Motor Drive V H S Gear Drive Through Diesel Engine
Oil Lubricated / Water Lubricated Vertical Deepwell Turbine Pump
V or Flat belt pulley head drive through diesel engine Supplier from India Combination Gear drive through VHS motor and diesel engine Wholesaler from India
V or Flat Belt Pulley Head Drive Through Diesel Engine Combination Gear Drive Through VHS Motor and Diesel Engine

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